Thursday, 19 December 2019

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Santa Calls at Bideford - Photo credit B. Adams
Santa Calls at Bideford - Photo credit B. Adams
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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Down on the Farm - Six Short Films about Farmers and Farming in North Devon

A short film commission has produced six five-minute documentaries about farmers and farming within the unique environment of North Devon’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The films are a revealing insight into the lives of our farming neighbours and will provoke thought and discussion around our food and where it comes from.

Community film making organisation North Devon Moving Image (NDMI) commissioned these emerging documentary film makers from around the UK to bring their individual film making creativity to the telling of these farmers’ stories.

Amanda McCormack, Creative Director of NDMI says “Since founding North Devon Moving Image six years ago it had always been my intention to make some films about farmers in north Devon. In my mind, it was a project that couldn’t NOT be done. As well as creating, collecting and sharing films it is an important part of our remit to encourage and facilitate new film makers. So, putting the two together, I decided to run North Devon’s first short documentary film commission and (as you will see) it has been an amazing success!”

“Giving the film makers a year in which to make their films has meant that they really got to know their subjects and you will experience the impact of this in the intimate and passionate stories they tell in their Down on the Farm films.

These films are important. They have value in preserving a snapshot of farming today, reflecting and celebrating a very important part of north Devon’s essence. They will do the job of enlightening, inspiring and entertaining those who watch them, connecting people with their farming neighbours and encouraging thought and dialogue around the food we eat.”

 The films are free to watch via the North Devon Moving Image website and thanks to generous funding from local, regional and national organisations, NDMI are able to offer a free screening licence to any groups who would like to show the Down on the Farm films on a big screen.
Down on the Farm - Six Short Films about Farmers and Farming in North Devon
Down on the Farm - Six Short Films about Farmers and Farming in North Devon
North Devon Moving Image CIC is a community film making organisation delivering arts and heritage projects creating, collecting and sharing short films to inspire, enlighten and entertain.