Monday, 22 March 2010

Ilfracombe, in the sunshine & out of season

Ilfracombe and Around 7th March
The sun has come out at last so an early start meant that time and tide were on our side as there was still plenty of water in Ilfracombe Harbour. The sunny photos here belie the fact that overnight temperatures dropped to minus 9. This beautiful Victorian resort with its grand villas and terraces was indeed bathed in sunshine so it is hard to believe that we are still in the grip of one of the longest cold spells. In the sunshine and out of season, Ilfracombe Harbour still poses a picturesque vista despite a couple of the buildings undergoing a pre-season paint job. In a month's time the boats, now in dry dock on the quayside, will be bobbing side by side in the harbour and the Ilfracombe Princess will resume its popular wildlife coastal tours. The “working” side of the harbour is strewn with fishing nets and lobster pots,
boatmen are busy giving their crafts the once-over and there is a pervading smell of fish and ships varnish. High
above the pier sitting atop Lantern Hill is St, Nicholas’ Chapel, said to be the oldest building in Ilfracombe. This natural harbour sits amongst spectacular cliffs and coves nestling between the Exmoor National Park to the East and North Devon’s Gold Coast to the West. In June the town celebrates its Victorian heritage with “Victorian Week” an eight day extravaganza of shows, parades, stalls and dressing up culminating in the town criers competition and the “Last Night of The Proms” with
fireworks to music over Capstone Hill. Ilfracombe is also renowned for its award winning floral displays which adorn the streets and promenade, by the summer the newly planted flowers beside the Bandstand will be in full bloom. The conicle shape in the background is the Landmark Theatre and Cafe, the Ilfracombe Tourist Information Centre is located here on the seafront,
Places to Visit: Ilfracombe Aquarium, Ilfracombe Museum, Ilfracombe Lifeboat Station, Chocolate Emporium, The Tunnels, The Landmark Theatre & Cafe, Chambercombe Manor, Torrs Walk, boat trips to Lundy Island, Ilfracombe Wildlife Cruises. Photos copyright Pat Adams all rights reserved

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