Monday, 8 September 2014

FREE courses ‘All things wood-fuel’ this Autumn with Northern Devon NIA

Everyone likes to be cosy and warm. With Autumn round the corner and with rising energy costs it’s little wonder that people are increasingly considering the best way to heat their homes. With this in mind a series of FREE wood-fuel workshops is now being offered to people in north Devon. For some, woodfuel might conjure images of a log burner used only for special occasions, but in years gone-by wood from Devon’s hedgerows and woodland was one of the main sources of domestic heating. You don’t have to look far in Devon to find a woodland which could potentially be managed for abundant supplies of this renewable, sustainable fuel. Happily, in addition to saving money on your heating and helping lower carbon emissions, managing woodland for woodfuel can also be good news for wildlife too. Whether you’re a home owner thinking of new ways to heat your house, or a woodland owner interested in how your woodland might best be managed to contribute to the local economy, FREE courses led by industry experts and provided by the Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area Project provide a wealth of information. 
  • September 16th - If you are thinking of renewable heating with wood-fuel - either woodchip or logs, and taking advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive, this workshop will help you to understand how it all works, from accessing the woodlands to extract the timber to processing for chip-wood or logs. 
  • September 18th - Guided visits to local boiler installations to demonstrate the range of options available to anyone thinking of taking advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive. 
  • October 2nd – A guided woodland walk to learn how Devon woodland can be managed for both biodiversity and economic value. 
  • October 24th - From 2015 all woodlands will only be eligible for grant aid if an approved management plan is in place. Learn what is required in the plan, how to access the grant and hear advice for those wishing to write the plan themselves or to contract the services of a professional. 
  • 4th November – With ever rising populations of the non-native grey squirrel, damage to young trees through bark stripping is at epidemic proportions in North Devon. If you have young trees or are hoping for regenerating seedling in your wood to have a chance of establishing this course is a must. 
  •  27th November – Learn how to fell and extract small amounts of timber for personal use or sale using techniques including a compact tractor, small crane and extraction using horses. Practical solutions for everyday woodland owner problems are all high on the agenda. For the less mechanized or equestrian amongst you there will be practical coppicing advice including the use of tools.
For more information on any of the courses described please visit or contact us on or call 07816342229
 Photo: Copyright Kevin New (All rights Reserved)

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