Saturday 22 June 2024

Experience Watermouth Castle’s scare attraction: ‘Descend into Darkness'

A haunted castle with a twisted maze of horrors… This October, be first to experience Watermouth Castle’s first-ever immersive scare attraction:Descend into Darkness 

Watermouth Castle has a new owner. His desire: to create an amusement park for local people to come and enjoy and share his wonderful new home. Little is known about this mysterious benefactor. Some say he is eccentric. Some say he is mad. Some say he is… INSANE. 

Get ready to be spooked! Watermouth Castle, nestled in the heart of North Devon, is excited to announce its hair-raising Halloween scare event, promising thrills and chills for all horror lovers, fright fiends, and all those who love a good fright…

Do you dare to come face-to-face with terror...? With bone-chilling attractions, live scare actors, and heart-pounding themed areas, this event is not for the faint of heart. Join us if you dare for a night of spine-tingling fun, and unforgettable scares.


Do you dare to come face-to-face with terror…?

The castle’s multiple different immersive scare zones include:

• Cursed Forest: a bone-chilling woodland trail of howling wolves, clanking chains, and hanging trees
• Carnival of Clowns: this twisted fairground is a freakshow of horrifying jokers, bloody face paint and maniacal laughter
• The Mad Maze: beware; a gang of the undead scarecrows have to come to life– and now they wander the twisted paths of the castle’s maze, looking for their next victim… you!
• Voodoo Valley: journey down the river of restless spirits; just make sure you don’t become yet another one of the lost souls trapped on its waters…
• The Haunted Castle: when the castle doors slam closed, you’ll find yourself trapped in a hellscape of cobwebs, cursed animatronics, and haunted robotsAnd only the bravest will dare to complete their journey with a descent intothe bowels of the castle itself – the demented dungeon…


Run by Catfish Productions, in partnership with Watermouth Castle. 

Not suit able for under 12s or wheelchair users. Under 16s must have an accompanying adult.

The experience lasts approximately one hour, For tickets and early bird rates. Contact


Experience Watermouth Castle’s scare attraction:‘Descent into Darkness'

Water Mouth Castle Media Release

About Watermouth Castle

Watermouth Castle is a beloved attraction in Ilfracombe. The Castle offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages. From thrilling rides to enchanting play areas, Watermouth Castle is where memories are made and adventures begin.

Watermouth Castle is part of The Escapade Group which comprises indoor and outdoor play attractions including Hobbledown adventure park in Surrey, Hobbledown Heath in London, Gripped aerial adventure park in London, and indoor play centres Kidspace Adventures in Croydon and Romford.


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